Hi my name is Delvon Lee, licensed Massage Therapist and founder of High Impact Sports Massage.  My mission is to help all athletes perform to their highest peak possible.  Whether you’re in a professional league, student, amateur athlete or just an average joe; I believe you can benefit from a massage.  I also believe that a man or woman that does not participate in sports of any kind can still suffer from the same injuries on a daily basis and benefit from a massage of any kind.

Things I offer through my business:

  • Performance Enhancement 

  • Release of tightness in muscles 

  • Injury relief to faster recovery time.

My biggest passion with my company is to help athletes achieve their highest performance level and get the athletes ready for their performance time whether its before an event, during an event, or after the event.  I also want to help the average person achieve relief with the tightest of muscles or pain they feel on a regular basis.

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